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State and bilateral initiatives

Very few initiatives truly reach beyond states, as they often rely on national laws and instruments, and if they do, they are most often voluntary codes. In a global economy, states, national policies and laws still play a very important role. Yet, they are challenged by globalization. Many are those who question their significance and effectiveness in an increasing integrated world economy.

 National laws are sometimes victim of RTB (race to the bottom) that push down labour standards. Even if there are evidences that strong labour standards can improve productivity and competitiveness, firms and countries often perceive social responsibilities and labour standards as a cost and, therefore, as an obstacle to growth.

 National laws are incresingly inefficient in a global economy where firms are mobile and can escape social systems and where, inversely, national laws cannot reach beyond national borders, unless they are applied extraterritorially.

In this section, we will offer information and research tools on national trajectories and perspectives on national labour law and the LGG.

 Globalization and labour reforms: Major trends have led to increasingly competitive and flexible of labour markets, as national labour laws undergo reforms. Yet, each national context is following a particular path. What indeed are the main elements shaping national laws and the most important reforms?
 International and global labour standards: All states have developed the international dimension of their labour laws. What are the different roads being developed and the distinctive features of national perspectives on the emerging LGG?


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