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Ashish Vaidya (2005), Globalization : Encyclopedia of Trade, Labor, and Politics, Oxford : ABC-CLIO ; 968 pp

2 mars 2005

Globalization offers all the information readers need to sort out the arguments. Written with the highest degree of scholarship, intended for college students or working professionals, the encyclopedia provides both introductory material to broad economic, legal, political, and environmental theory, and in-depth analysis of how theory interacts with practice in the framework of global trade. A trader in New York can, in a matter of seconds, execute a billion-dollar currency transaction in Hong Kong. What does this transaction mean to New Yorkers, to residents of Hong Kong, and to the rest of the world ? This book gives readers the tools to answer those questions.

Title Features

* 100 A-Z entries covering the major issues of globalization
* Reproduces the founding documents for the World Trade Organization and other international trade organizations
* Maps of trade blocs and regional organizations such as the European Union, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and Mercado Común del Sur (MERCOSUR)
* Charts, figures, and graphs illustrating data trends and statistical information
* Includes contributions from more than 100 specialists in economics, law, business, and other applicable fields

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