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Matthew W. Finkin (2001), "International Governance And Domestic Convergence In Labor Law As Seen From The American Midwest", Indiana Law Journal, vol. 76

2 mars 2001

This article explores the possibilities for developing transnational labor standards appropriate for a global economy. The author covers the six major proposed processes or models with the potential to implement global labor standards : 1) the common market route, 2) the ILO, 3) extraterritorial application of domestic law, 4) trade agreements with preferences linked to the observance of specific labor regulations, 5) trade agreements which mandate a country’s observance of its own labor regulations, and 6) corporate codes of conduct. The author then argues that the potential for such standardization seems to be hindered by the unwillingness of the current U.S. legal system to learn about or emulate the labor standards developed in European countries. Through a comparison of labor standards in two states within the U.S. — Indiana and Minnesota — the author demonstrates the gulf between jurisdictions even within the U.S. system. The author argues that when courts in Indiana are unwilling to accept precedent from Michigan, they are at least equally unlikely to guidance from labor standards from Germany.

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