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Peter Auer, Geneviève Besse and Dominique Méda (éd.) (2006), "Offshoring and the Internationalization of Employment: A challenge for a fair globalization?", International Institute for Labour Studies, ILO

2 March 2006

Are job losses and the degradation of working conditions in the developed world due to globalization and the offshoring of jobs? Contrary to popular beliefs and fears, most economic analysis evaluating the long-term and global implications of the internationalization of employment does not support this view. Yet for workers who have been displaced, a positive global and long-term impact does not remove their immediate loss. The book analyses trends and patterns in the internationalization of employment, looks at losers and winners, and proposes new policies of compensation. The latter are based on rights and international labour standards, and on a new effort to build an effective employment adjustment system that accompanies a fair globalization.

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