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K. Banks (2002), « Civil society and the North American agreement on labor cooperation ». Dans J. J. Kirton and V. W. Maclaren (ed.). Linking Trade, Environment, and Social Cohesion : NAFTA Experiences, Global Challenges. Burlington, VT : Ashgate Publishing : 195-202.

19 février 2002

Forging the trade-environment-social cohesion link : global challenges, North American experiences, John J. Kirton and Virginia W. MacLaren. Linking Trade, Environment, and Social Values : The Global and NAFTA Experiences : From trade liberalization to sustainable development : the challenges of integrated global governance, Pierre Marc Johnson ; The new interface agenda among trade, environment, and social cohesion, William A. Dymond ; Embedded ecologism and institutional inequality : linking trade, environment, and social cohesion in the G8, John J. Kirton ; Winning together : the NAFTA trade-environment record, John J. Kirton. Investor Protection : Evaluating the NAFTA Chapter II Model : The masked ball of NAFTA chapter II : foreign investors, local environmentalists, government officials, and disguised motives, Sanford E. Gaines ; Environmental expropriation under NAFTA chapter II : the phantom menace, Julie Soloway ; Investment and the environment : multilateral and North American perspectives, Konrad von Moltke. Environmental Protection : Evaluating the NAFTA Commission for Environmental Co-operation Model : Stormy weather : the recent history of the citizen submission process of the North American agreement on environmental co-operation, Christopher Tollefson ; Public participation within NAFTA’s environmental agreement : the Mexican experience, Gustavo Alanís Ortega ; Articles 14-15 of the North American agreement on environmental co-operation : intent of the founders, Serena Wilson. Worker Protection : Evaluating the NAFTA Commission for Labour Co-operation Model : Civil society and the North American agreement on labour co-operation, Kevin Banks ; Giving teeth to NAFTA’s labour side agreement, Jonathan Graubart ; Understanding the environmental effects of trade : some lessons from NAFTA, Scott Vaughan ; Sustainability assessments of trade agreements : global approaches, Sarah Richardson ; Concern for the environmental effects of trade in Canadian communities : evidence from local indicator reports, Virginia W. MacLaren ; Using indicators to engage the community in sustainability debates, Noel Keough ; Development and usability of a system for environment and health indicators : a case study, David L. Buckeridge and Carl G. Amrhein. Concluding Reflections : Fix it or nix it ? will the NAFTA model survive ?, Sylvia Ostry ; Conclusions, Virginia W. Maclaren and John J. Kirton ; Bibliography ; Index.

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