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Linda Delp, Marisol Arriagua, Guadalupe Palma, Haydee Urita and Abel Valenzuela (2004) “NAFTA’s Labor Side Agreement : Fading Into Oblivion ? An Assessment of Workplace Health & Safety Cases ;” UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education ; March 30

30 mars 2004

Examine the NAFTA labor side agreement as a tool to address the problem of work-related injuries and illnesses among Mexican workers in foreign-owned companies and among immigrant workers in the United States. We first briefly discuss the context and controversies surrounding the history of the side agreement, we describe its structure and process using examples from two of the most recent cases submitted, and we summarize seven cases dealing with worker health and safety. We discuss our research methods and the results of interviews with forty-seven key informants and conclude with an assessment of the agreement’s effectiveness, posing questions about the potential for public participation and its future viability as a tool to protect workers’ health and safety.

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