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Call for Papers - Roundtables on GLG

23 January 2007, by Myriam-Zaa Normandin

Roundtables on "Labour Global governance"
March 29th AND 30th, 2007

Work and Globalization is a theme at the core of the debates raised by the globalisation process. Three types of initiatives:
(1) centered on the controversial trade-labour links;
(2) international initiatives centered of international organizations; and
(3) transnational initiatives from the private sector and civil society are building what we can call a “Global Labour Governance”.

Ultimately, the various forms of labour governance should be integrated into a network of rules and standards that ensures coherence, cross-fertilization and the levelling up of labour standards having effective impacts on working conditions and labour rights in an increasingly integrated world economy. However, since labour governance mechanisms are numerous and varied, the challenge resides in developing an integrated, coherent and efficient GLG.

Two days of Roundtables organized by the GLG project in March 2007 will be an occasion to discuss some of recent evolutions in terms of the key instrument of the LGG and their potential impacts on the application of labour standards and the working conditions.

Themes suggested
 Trade agreements and labour: New trajectories ?
 China: Labour Standards and Corporate Social Responsibility
 Decent Work and Globalization
 Unprotected Workers
 CSR: Socializing or Privatizing Global Labour Standards ?
 Labour Norms and Competitiveness
 GLG: a constellation of competing norms or a networking of initiatives leading to a new social pact?
 Finance, development and labour standards?
 Transnational negotiations

You would like to submit a paper for these roundtables? We invite you to communicate with us.

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