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Gregory Shaffer (2001), "WTO Blue-Green Blues : The Impact of U.S. Domestic Politics on Trade-Labor, Trade-Environment Linkages for the WTO’s Future", Fordham International Law Journal v. 24 (November) p. 608-651

22 janvier 2001

par Michèle Rioux

Part I : A brief overview of the dominant debates about the linkage between domestic politics and international trade measures, focusing on whether WTO rules should be modified to permit trade restrictions on environmental and labor rights grounds. Part II : the politics of trade-environment agenda setting and the reasons why U.S. critics are more likely to direct their criticism at the WTO instead of environmental policy decisions made domestically. Part III turns to the trade-labor linkage, again assessing the domestic politics behind the predominant focus on trade restrictions. It examines the apparent paradox that the demand for binding WTO labor norms is strongest in the United States, which arguably offers the fewest labor and social protections in the developed world. Part IV briefly addresses what potentially could be accomplished multilaterally through better coordination of the roles of international trade, development, and other economic institutions. Part V concludes on the nexus between U.S. domestic politics and the WTO’s future development.

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