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Larry A. DiMatteo et al (2003), "The Doha Declaration and Beyond: Giving a Voice to Non-Trade Concerns Within the WTO Trade Regime", Vanderbelt Journal of Transanational Law v. 36 no95 (January) p. 95-160.

22 January 2003

by Michèle Rioux

Examines the current WTO framework and reviews the arguments that the WTO needs to incorporate non-trade concerns (NTCs) into the next round of trade negotiations. Part II examines the intersection of environmental concerns with the liberalization of trade under WTO accords. Part III reviews international labor issues and their relationship with the WTO. Part IV examines consumer protection concerns, and Part V discusses the issues relating to national sovereignty and the enforcement mechanisms of the WTO. Finally, Part VI attempts to provide insight into how the WTO can better accommodate NTCs. It reviews the Doha Declaration, which reflects some of these concerns, to gauge the WTO’s likely response. Notably absent from the Doha Declaration’s response to NTCs, however, is any statement committing the WTO to active intervention in the promotion of labor standards.

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