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Padideh Ala’i (2001), "A humans rights critique of the WTO : some preliminary observations", George Washington International Law Review v. 33 no3/4 p. 537-553.

22 janvier 2001

par Michèle Rioux

Explores reasons for the opposition to the WTO expressed in a recent U.N. Report. The first part reviews the criticism of the WTO as the "practical manifestation of globalization in its trade and commercial aspects," and the opposition of the U.N. Report to the tying of trade to human rights. It also reviews the WTO response to the U.N. Report. The second part looks at the historical opposition of the United States towards economic, social, and cultural rights. The third part contrasts the U.N. Report with the position of developing country governments on the issues of linkages and the participation of international civil society at the WTO. Finally, the essay addresses the possible effect of the increasing recognition of economic, social, and cultural rights on the interpretation and application of WTO obligations by member states.

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