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Towards a socially responsible trade policy

The pan-Canadian public consultations took place in the fall of 2017


« Let’s make human rights central to a new NAFTA »
Ed Broadbent, The Globe and Mail, 5 May 2017

Canada foresees to negotiate several trade agreements, particularly with China and Mercosur, and to begin a possible NAFTA renegotiation. In addition, the link between globalization and social progress is becoming increasingly important. To that end, many international instruments exist, however they remain ineffective. It is in this context, and as part of its research on Global Labour Governance, that the CEIM launches a public consultation to identify what Canadians think about the applicability of adopting certain measures by the Canadian government. The consultation targets measures relating to social clauses in trade agreements, to the social conditionality in generalized system of trade preferences and to the ban on imports of goods produced by forced labour or the worst forms of child labour.

We aim to inform the public on the social dimension of international trade, lead a pan-Canadian discussion on “socially responsible” trade policy instruments, make recommendations to the Government of Canada on these topics, and contribute to research on global labour governance, especially through publications and networking events with Canadian experts.

This website allows you to take the online survey (until October 30, 2017) and register to attend the consultations to be held in September 2017 in five major Canadian cities.

For more information on the project: http://canadasocialementresponsable.uqam.ca/en/?noredirect=en_US

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