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Humanizing Trade II

International Conference

Took place April 27-28 2009 at Hotel Intercontinental (360 St-Antoine Street Est), Montreal, by Gouvernance Globale du Travail (GGT)

In 2008, participants at the "Humanizing trade International Conference" have examined the links between international trade and the evolution of workers’s rights by comparing and analyzing provisions on labour in bilateral trade agreements. This year’s conference, "Humanizing trade II", proposes to discuss paths to reach a multilateral model of governance regarding the trade-labour linkages. By bringing together academics and representatives of governments, NGOs, trade unions and the private sector, the symposium "Humanizing Trade II" (and its virtual roundtables) will aim to bring out answers around three central themes.

Virtual Roundtables

The Global Labour Governance Virtual Roundtables will open and feed the debate, as will set the ground for the « Humanizing Trade II » International Conference

WHEN: 27 to 28 April 2009

VENUE: Hotel Intercontinental, 360 rue St-Antoine Est, Montreal

INFORMATION / REGISTRATION: Lyne Tessier ieim@uqam.ca 514 987-3667 or Flavie Desgagné-Ethier desgagne-ethier.flavie@uqam.ca


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