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Ann Weston, Vice-Presidente, North-South Institute.

11 avril 2008

Biography :

Ann Weston is Vice-President and Coordinator of Research. She joined the North-South Institute in 1987. Her current research focuses on the World Trade Organisation and its implications for Canada and developing countries. She has conducted extensive research on the consequences of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), resulting in a number of publications, notably, and Jamaica After NAFTA : Trade Options and Sectoral Strategies.Before joining the Institute, Ann Weston worked as Senior Economics Officer in the Economic Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat, and as Research Officer at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in London. Ann Weston received her degrees at the Universities of Sussex and London.

Expertise :

 World Trade Organization

References :

 Weston, Ann. Jamaica After NAFTA : Trade Options and Sectoral Strategies (UNIFEM, 1997)

 Weston, Ann. Women and The New Trade Agenda (UNIFEM, 1994)

 Weston, Ann, The NAFTA Papers : Implications for Canada, Mexico and Developing Countries (UNIFEM, 1994)

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