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Bill Taylor, Ph. D, City University of Hong-Kong

11 avril 2008

Biography :
Bill Taylor came to City University of Hong Kong in 1993, having previously studied and worked both industry and academia in Japan and the UK. He is Ph. D. in Sociology of the University of Warwick, UK. Bill has a strong interest in critical research in international political economy, examining in particular the role and organisation of labour. Bill’s publications and research cover aspects of industrial relations in China, Japanese transnational corporations, gendered organisation of work and critical studies of human resource management. Bill undertakes research mainly in China, Japan, UK, US and Vietnam.

Expertise :

 International economic policy
 Japanese Multinationals
 Labour Studies
 Organization of Labour

References :

 Taylor, Bill, in collaboration with K Chang and Q Li, Industrial Relations in China , (Cheltenham : Edgar Elgar, 2003)

 Taylor, Bill, A feminist critique of Japanisation : employment and work in consumer electronics’, Gender, Work and Organisation, 2006, 13.4, p.317-337.

 Taylor, Bill, ’Organising migrants in China : problems of the ACFTU’ (with L. Fu and Q. Li), Journal of Labour Economics, published by Chinese Academy of Social Science, 2005, No.4 [in Chinese]

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