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Errol Mendes, Ph. D., University of Ottawa.

10 avril 2008

Biography :

Errol P. Mendes is a lawyer, author, professor and adviser to NGOs, corporations, government and the United Nations. His teaching, research and consulting interests include corporate law and governance, global governance, international business and trade law, constitutional law, international law (including anti-terrorism laws and policies) and human rights law and policy.

Title and summary of communication :

Using the WTO to promote harmonization and co-ordination of trade and labour standards agreements. The U.S., Canada and to a lesser extent the EU, Chile and New Zealand are developing increasing effective agreements that link trade and labour standards. However, there is concern about how to promote harmonization and co-ordination of such agreements. The presentation will suggest that this attempt at harmonization and coordination should take place in the Trade Policy Review Mechanism (TPRM) established within the WTO institutional structure.

Expertise :

 International Business Law and Ethics
 Constitutional Rights
 Human Rights

References :

 Mendes, Errol co-author with Anik Lalonde-Roussy. Bridging the Global Divide on Human Rights : A Canada-China Dialogue (Ashgate Pub Ltd, 2004)

 Mendes, Errol, co-author with Ozay Mehmet, Global Governance, Economy and Law : Waiting for Justice (Routledge, 2003)

 Mendes, Errol, co-author with Gerald A. Beaudoin, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Carswell Legal Pubns ; 3rd edition, 1996)

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