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Stéphanie Luce, Ph. D., University of Massachusett-Amherst Labor Center

10 avril 2008

Biography :

Stephanie Luce received a Ph.D. in Sociology in 1999 and an M.S. in Industrial Relations in 1992, both from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She currently teaches at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst Labor Center. Previously, she worked at the U.S. Department of Labor, the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, and the Political Economy Research Institute. She was also an active member of the Coalition for Allied Student Employees (CASE-UAW) at the University of California at Riverside, and for the Teaching Assistant’s Association (TAA/AFT Local 3220) at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She currently serves on the Executive Board of the Massachusetts Society of Professors, MTA/NEA.

Title and summary of the communication :

“The Role of Non Governmental Actors in Labor Standards Enforcement”

Even with maximum resources and good will, government agencies cannot adequately monitor workplaces for violations of labor and employment law. Workers are best situated to know if laws are being implemented, but often lack knowledge of their rights and/or capacity and power to guarantee enforcement. With weak safety nets or protection, workers have little incentive to grieve their concerns for fear of retribution. Research shows that unions and non-governmental organizations can increase the likelihood that workers speak out when their rights are violated, and that including unions and worker NGOs in implementation is a necessary, but not sufficient, component of labor standards enforcement.

Expertise :

- Living Wage
- Labor
- Political economy

References :

Luce, Stéphanie, co-author of A Measure of Fairness : The Economics of Living Wages and Minimum Wages in the United States (ILR Press 2008)

Luce, Stéphanie, author of Fighting For A Living Wage (Cornell University Press 2004)

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