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Adelle Blackett, Ph.D, University of Columbia.

2 avril 2008


Professor Adelle Blackett is an expert in domestic, comparative and international labour law, international and regional trade law, and international development law. A former official of the International Labour Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, Prof. Blackett has also been a visiting academic at the African Development Bank in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.She holds a doctorate in law from Columbia University where she taught as an Associate in Law for two years. She is a research coordinator for the Inter-university Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT).Her current research focuses on the role of international persuasion in labour law reform in West Africa (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) ; economic and social rights and racial inequality in the workplace (Law Commission of Canada) ; the impact of trade liberalization on labour law reform in developing countries (International Institute for Labour Studies) ; and rethinking citizenship at work as it concerns domestic workers (Fondation du Barreau du Québec).

Spécialités/Expertise :

 Labour Law
 Trade regulation
 International Development Law
 Law of International Organizations

Réferences/References :

 Adelle Blackett & Christian Lévesque, eds. Mapping the Social in Regional Integration : Rethinking Labour Regulation (Oxford : Routledge (TBC), publication pending 2008).

 Adelle Blackett. “Trade Liberalization, Labour Law and Development : A Contextualization,” in Tzehainesh Teklè, ed., Workers’ Protection and Labour Law in Developing Countries (publication pending 2008).

 Adelle Blackett, “Human Rights at Work, Legal Indeterminacy, and the Black Community in Canada : Critical Reflections on ’Centre Maraîcher Eugène Guinois’” in David Divine, ed., Multiple Lenses : Voices from the Diaspora Located in Canada (Cambridge : Cambridge Scholars Press, forthcoming 2007)

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